About Us

Founded in 2019, The Adecco Group US Foundation is committed to making the world of work a fairer, more accessible and better place. Our vision is of a world where all people are enabled to reach their full potential.

Our Mission


We believe in the power of work.

And so we are dedicated to addressing the skills gap in America through work-related programs, partnerships, and investments that create greater economic opportunity for American workers. Our ambition is to increase the talent pool, and make the future work for everyone including youth, women, mature workers, and underserved populations. Our focus is on programs that provide learning opportunities and career progression. We are passionate about the role of education in closing the skills gap; training and apprenticeship programs are key components of delivering on our mission. The Foundation has invested in upskilling and reskilling online training programs, offering over 3,000+ courses and live-learning opportunities from multiple training sources. 

We believe in work equality.

We are a thought leader in the conversation about work equality in America. We support organizations and participate in programs that advocate and champion work equality, including Paradigm for Parity© and the Generation W conference. We are catalysts for change and champions of a diverse and engaged workforce where the talents and contributions of all are valued and recognized.

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We believe in giving back.

The Adecco Group US Foundation supports national causes and charities that impact and improve the lives of American workers with a focus on skills education. We are not a grant-giving foundation, but rather we dedicate our resources to make investments in our communities that help to make the future work for everyone. Charities we support include the Barbara Bush Foundation, Expect Miracles Foundation, Two by Two, Dreams Come True and Distinguished Young Women.

Our Team

Joyce Russell, President

Joyce Russell

Laine Gandy

Rachelle Chapman

Lindsay Owens

Shannen Hurst, Manager, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives

Shannen Hurst

Jennifer Cross

Board of Directors

Laurie Chamberlin

Estefania Rodriguez

Steven Rudd

Gerald Robinson

Vanessa Hodgerson

Tyra Tutor