Paradigm for Parity is a business coalition focused on eliminating the gender gap in corporate leadership. We are committed to achieve gender parity in the workforce and help advance women in the workplace.

The Ways We Are Involved

  • Championing Equity: We’re fostering a workplace with equal opportunity, pay, and processes for all genders, with a goal of pay parity by 2030.
  • Empowering All Abilities: Building accessible and flexible work environments to help everyone thrive, regardless of physical or mental health needs.
  • Building an Inclusive Culture: Cultivating a culture of belonging through clear communication, ongoing support, training, and open dialogue.
  • Diverse Voices, Diverse Teams: We actively seek a variety of perspectives in recruitment, internal promotions, and leadership development.
  • Equity at Your Fingertips: We’re building an equitable platform with tools to empower all colleagues and clients to succeed.
  • Industry Leadership: Bridging the gap in staffing and recruitment, advancing our mission for a better future.